Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pork: it's not just for dinner

We had just sat down for dinner this evening when I heard a thud at the front door. When I looked over, it opened and a black pig walked in. I hate it when that happens.

"Hey," I said, "there's a pig coming into our house." While everyone just sat there looking at me, waiting for the punchline, I got up and tried to politely convince it to go back out the door. It wasn't taking the hint though... boorish swine. Instead it just grunted and walked around me, stepping on my foot as it headed over to the TV. Ouch. Not to be rude, but this wasn't exactly what you'd call a thin pig.

the wife's long dormant farming instincts finally kicked in and she jumped up, grabbed the pig, and unceremoniously ushered it out the door, squealing in protest (the pig, I mean). Seeing the neighbours' daughter by the street, she headed down the walk, the pig trotting along behind her. Apparently the pig — the daughter's pet — wasn't used to the neighbourhood yet and had just walked into the wrong house.

Pretty strange to see a pig wandering around Calgary, invading people's homes. I'd expect cows.



I can just Pig that,hilarious,wish I was there to see that,Magget

Jan Kat

I don't know, mom. Somehow I don't see you sitting back and calmly laughing while a pig walks around the house. I think it would more like, "oh my gawd, don't let it near the furniture!"

Thanks for the comments, though. I'm always concerned that people won't Pig what I write.


Well you do,nt know your mother well enough,she has "lots" of humor in her,on your dads,birthday I did not have a card for him not liking becoming 62 of age I noticed in my card collection to send a way a sympathy card,so I gave that to him,do I have humor or not ha ha,pig that. I really thought it was hilarious in somebody elses house,like a good comedy movie,are your elifants still up side down ?? Good site Jan, we always look of there is some thing new of intrest for us to laugh or smile about

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