Sunday, January 20, 2008


We've been watching Connections this past month, a TV show I watched when I was younger that explores how social and technological change throughout history has often been the result of people using other people's ideas and discoveries in ways not previously imagined. It presents History not as a series of dates but a series of connected events. When I was in highschool I thought I hated History, but in truth it was the presentation of the subject that I hated. I would grumble about learning it during the week then watch Connections on the weekend, and the history I learned from host James Burke stuck with me a lot more than the history my teachers presented.

It seems they've restored the show for release on DVD because I recall the video being quite grainy and the colours washed out when I watched it as a kid. That we're watching it on our new Boxing Day sale digital TV might be part of the reason it looks so good, too. We're very happy with the new TV, and besides looking great it's driven a few projects for us this past month.

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