Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mexican vacation (Jan. 12 - 18 '07)

I was up with the sun at 6:30AM. Well, "up" in the sense that I had moved from my bed to the hammock outside. It was 26C, humid, and peaceful, even with the crash of the ocean waves on the Caribbean shore a few metres away. Was this a dream? It feels like it now, except for where I'm still getting chafed by the beach sand.

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Rene Kat

Saw the pictures of Mexico.
Very nice.
The kids are getting big.
You to Jan:)
Corren we thought you look great.
Goed gedaan Jan.
That water and those temples Wow.
Well that does it we are moving to mexico.
Ok bye for now say hi to everyone.

Jan Kat

Thanks, Rene (except for the getting big comment). We mostly relaxed that first week so there wasn't much to show and tell, but I have tons of photos from the second week that I'm almost done uploading and writing about. Should have that done this week.

"Hi" to everyone there, too.

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