Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Caught between Iraq and a hard place

US officials are claiming that Iran is supplying weapons to the "insurgents" in Iraq. Seems obvious, but it's a pretty bold claim considering the scant evidence. A prelude to war, perhaps? Didn't they learn their lesson with the whole "weapons of mass destruction" thing as a case for war with Iraq?

Strange that the cause of death for Anna Nicole Smith would also seem obvious, but no one is saying anything about that. People are a bit more cautious about saying why she died and seem to be waiting for the cold hard facts. Well, let me be the first to say what everyone is thinking. The truth must be known:

They took out Anna Nicole Smith for supplying weapons to the insurgents in Iraq.


Rene Kat

Your so anti American anti Bush Jan.
Put it aside for a while and just try to look at the facts.
I cant stand Bush either, but I still can look past that and see the facts for what they are.
Read the Blix report January 27, 2003.
Also Saddam repeatedly made threats against his neighbors and supported Palestinian terror bombings against Israel.
Also don't forget the numerous the human rights violations.
Ok they were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction but Iraq did have banned Al Samud II rockets.

As far as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad he is as bad if not worse than Bush.
And he has also made threats against his neighbors.
Iran has not complied or cooperated with the UN Security Council.
All the UN needs is to see some transparency and Iran can avoid further problems.
Maybe when they wipe Isreal of the face of the earth you will open your eyes.
Put that expensive education to work and stop following popular opinion.

Jan Kat


I realize you're not used to reading anything longer than a beer label, Rene, but if you make the effort you'll see I was kinda going for humour there. Or did you forget to pack your sense of humour when you moved back to Holland?

First of all, I take exception with your equating being anti-Bush to being anti-American. I think a lot of Americans would take exception with that, too. When I appear to be anti-American, what I'm actually objecting to is American foreign policy which, in the Middle East, has been all about keeping the region unstable to keep oil prices low. This is what Barrack Obama is refering to when he promises to free America from the tyranny of oil.

This plan has backfired for Bush, though, as in removing the Sunni dictatorship he paved the way for a Shia government in Iraq, one that will be heavily influenced by Shia-ruled Iran once the American occupation ends (if not already). If you thought Iraq dropping SCUDs on Israel was a problem just wait until Iran is sitting on its doorstep.

Why is Iran refusing UN inspections? Probably because they're building weapons. Duh. Bush identified Iran as forming an Axis of Evil with Iraq and North Korea. Then he attacked Iraq in spite of Blix' repeated statements that the inspections were working. If you're number two on the Americans' "Evil" list, what would you do? I'd be building weapons like crazy.

My point about evidence is this: if you're going to attack a country because of human rights violations then say so. Of course, aren't you then obliged to attack Israel?

If you're going to attack a country because it threatens its neighbours, then say so. Of course, aren't you then obliged to attack Israel?

Bush originally went after Iraq because he claimed Iraq had helped Al Qaeda. Canada did not join this war because unlike Afghanistan there was no evidence. After the intial attack, Bush claimed that the war was really about Hussein stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. Again, no evidence. If there was such thing as binding International Law, the invasion of Iraq would have been completely illegal due to lack of evidence. Likewise, an attack on Iran without evidence would be completely without any moral authority.

What would the result be of an attack on Iran? Do you really think the world is a better place now that Hussein is dead? Take a look around! Maybe you need to put the beer down and switch to something other than the American government's propaganda channel (CNN).

I'll leave the last word to Hans Blix:

"Bush has claimed that this war was part of an American fight against terrorism. But instead of limiting (the phenomenon), the war has generated more terrorism... This conflict has led to more instability."


Ofcause,same old, same old,but love you both GK Victoria

Rene Kat

Sorry it took so long to get back but the beer labels are all in Dutch here.
Jan I laughed for almost an hour over the slams I read from you.
I didn't loose my sense of humor but I take the issues in the middle east very serious.
Thanks for enlightening me I didn't realize that reading Gene Roddenberry and Marvel Comics qualifies you more to have an opinion on world issues.
I was so ignorant for I read dat blog.
Oh I must have missed that Friday night episode of startrek over global conquest, Guess I must have been out partying and having sex with girls not my hand.
Is the world a better place now with Saddam dead? Probably not, But do you really think the trouble between the Sunni and Shia Muslims is a result of American occupation?
So your saying Saddam was good for Iraq a kind of peace keeper.

You take exception that I said your anti American (You Are) and just so happens your also anti Bush. Typical combination.
And since when was the presidency decided by a lottery? He was elected by Americans.Therefore you are Anti American.
Your objecting to American foreign policy that's just a buzz word for Anti American.
Well I take exception to the fact you think I cant or don't read.

Obama rhymes with Osama and he is also son to Barack (Hussein) Obama SR.You see where this is going. Calm down just a joke, yank your panties out your crack.
I'm in the Clinton camp.
I agree with you completely if you're going to attack a country because of human rights violations then say so.

But don't get me going on Israel.
Why would you try to criminalize Israel.
Yes they are certainly heavy handed.But what is considered reasonable force anyway.
Maybe you feel bad for the Palestinians because they throw rocks at tanks.
Well what about the repeated suicide bombings and the constant rocket attacks.
Or maybe you feel bad for them because Israel bombs residential neighborhoods, well maybe if Hezbollah, Fattah and the Islamic Jihad didn't set up their headquarters in
residential areas that wouldn't happen.
Were is their concern for their own people?
Or maybe its so they can get on the news and claim that Israeli Zionist are killing innocent Palestinians, (Innocent Palestinians, isn't that an oxymoron?)
So maybe you need to put the apple cider away and watch something other than the Arab
propaganda channel (Al Jazeera)
Anyway its as much over religion as it is land.
Maybe you'll have a different opinion when the Natives start blowing up Calgary Transit.
Canada is just as guilty for the crimes against its indigenous people.

As far as the blix report, Yes I did read it, The quote you gave was from a later report not from this one.
Blix report January 27, 2003.
Blix backpedaled on this report after he realized the shit storm he helped start.
Some quotes from the report

Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance – not even today – of the disarmament, which was demanded of it and which it needs to carry out to win the confidence of the world and to live in peace.
As we know, the twin operation ‘declare and verify’, which was prescribed in resolution 687 (1991), too often turned into a game of ‘hide and seek’.

Read the parts over

Chemical weapons
The nerve agent VX is one of the most toxic ever developed.
“Air Force document”
The document indicates that 13,000 chemical bombs were dropped by the Iraqi Air Force between 1983 and 1988, while Iraq has declared that 19,500 bombs were
consumed during this period. Thus, there is a discrepancy of 6,500 bombs. The amount of chemical agent in these bombs would be in the order of about 1,000 tonnes. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, we must assume that these quantities are now unaccounted for.
The discovery of a number of 122 mm chemical rocket warheads in a bunker at a storage depot 170 km southwest of Baghdad was much publicized. This was a relatively
new bunker and therefore the rockets must have been moved there in the past few years, at a time when Iraq should not have had such munitions.
The discovery of a few rockets does not resolve but rather points to the issue of several thousands of chemical rockets that are unaccounted for.
I might further mention that inspectors have found at another site a laboratory quantity of thiodiglycol, a mustard gas precursor.

Biological weapons
I have mentioned the issue of anthrax to the Council on previous occasions and I come back to it as it is an important one.
Iraq has declared that it produced about 8,500 litres of this biological warfare agent, which it states it unilaterally destroyed in the summer of 1991. Iraq has provided little
evidence for this production and no convincing evidence for its destruction.
There are strong indications that Iraq produced more anthrax than it declared, and that at least some of this was retained after the declared destruction date.
As I reported to the Council on 19 December last year, Iraq did not declare a significant quantity, some 650 kg, of bacterial growth media, which was acknowledged as
imported in Iraq’s submission to the Amorim panel in February 1999. As part of its 7 December 2002 declaration, Iraq resubmitted the Amorim panel document, but the
table showing this particular import of media was not included. The absence of this table would appear to be deliberate as the pages of the resubmitted document were

I turn now to the missile sector. There remain significant questions as to whether Iraq retained SCUD-type missiles after the Gulf War. Iraq declared the consumption of a number of SCUD missiles as targets in the development of an anti-ballistic missile defense system during the 1980s. Yet no technical information has been produced about that programme or data on the consumption of the missiles.
There has been a range of developments in the missile field during the past four years presented by Iraq as non-proscribed activities. We are trying to gather a clear
understanding of them through inspections and on-site discussions.
Two projects in particular stand out. They are the development of a liquid-fuelled missile named the Al Samoud 2, and a solid propellant missile, called the Al Fatah. Both missiles have been tested to a range in excess of the permitted range of 150 km, with the Al Samoud 2 being tested to a maximum of 183 km and the Al Fattah to 161 km.
Some of both types of missiles have already been provided to the Iraqi Armed Forces even though it is stated that they are still undergoing development.
The Al Samoud’s diameter was increased from an earlier version to the present 760 mm. This modification was made despite a 1994 letter from the Executive Chairman of UNSCOM directing Iraq to limit its missile diameters to less than 600 mm. Furthermore, a November 1997 letter from the Executive Chairman of UNSCOM to Iraq prohibited the use of engines from certain surface-to-air missiles for the use in ballistic missiles.
During my recent meeting in Baghdad, we were briefed on these two programmes. We were told that the final range for both systems would be less than the permitted
maximum range of 150 km.
These missiles might well represent prima facie cases of proscribed systems. The test ranges in excess of 150 km are significant, but some further technical considerations need to be made, before we reach a conclusion on this issue. In the mean time, we have asked Iraq to cease flight tests of both missiles.
In addition, Iraq has refurbished its missile production infrastructure. In particular, Iraq reconstituted a number of casting chambers, which had previously been destroyed
under UNSCOM supervision. They had been used in the production of solid-fuel missiles. Whatever missile system these chambers are intended for, they could produce
motors for missiles capable of ranges significantly greater than 150 km.
Also associated with these missiles and related developments is the import, which has been taking place during the last few years, of a number of items despite the
sanctions, including as late as December 2002. Foremost amongst these is the import of 380 rocket engines which may be used for the Al Samoud 2.
Iraq also declared the recent import of chemicals used in propellants, test instrumentation and, guidance and control systems. These items may well be for proscribed
purposes. That is yet to be determined. What is clear is that they were illegally brought into Iraq, that is, Iraq or some company in Iraq, circumvented the restrictions
imposed by various resolutions.

Now as far as the UN "what a joke"
Sanctions hurt the people not the regime.
List of failures
Rwandan genocide, nearly a million people, due to the refusal of security council members to approve any military action.
Failure by MONUC to effectively intervene during the Second Congo War, which claimed nearly five million people
Failure to intervene in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, despite the fact that the UN designated Srebrenica a "safe haven" for refugees and assigned 600 Dutch peacekeepers to protect it.
Failure to successfully deliver food to starving people in Somalia; the food was instead usually seized by local warlords. A U.S./UN attempt to apprehend the warlords seizing these shipments resulted in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu.
Failure to implement the provisions of UN Security Council calling for disarmament of Lebanese paramilitary groups such as Fattah and Hezbollah.
Sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers. Peacekeepers from several nations have been repatriated from UN peacekeeping operations for sexually abusing and exploiting girls as young as 8 in a number of different peacekeeping missions. This abuse is ongoing despite many revelations and probes by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services.A 2005 internal UN investigation found that sexual exploitation and abuse has been reported in at least five countries where UN peacekeepers have been deployed, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, and Liberia.

So here is some food for thought.
Don't choke on the bones.

Jan Kat

If that's food for thought, Rene, you must be starving to death. Did you really write that or has your computer been infected by a spambot built from a news aggregator and an old copy of Leisure Suit Larry?

I was going to make fun of you some more, but I don't think our anonymous Mom likes it. (Hi, Mom!) Besides, you do such a good job yourself. I don't think you're keeping in mind that -- besides our family -- this is being read by Coreen's family and potentially a lot of other people. Are ya?

Anyways, keep setting up those straw men and I'll think up some more ad hominems. Love you, Rene. I hope your lips aren't tired from all the reading you've been doing.

Rene Kat

Andere mensen kunt dit lezen.
Dan misschien ik moet alles in Nederlands schrijven?
Dat is gewoon niet te geloven Jan.Hoe is dat mogelijk, dat iedereen kan dit lezen?
So dit is niet op uw eigen Pc?
En ik heb gedacht dat dit was alleen prive, tussen ons.
Zo stom ben ik. (Niet)
Are you crazy?
Of coarse I knew that everyone can read this.
Wow, you really do think im a dumbass.
Maybe ill take it all back then.
Hug an Iranian, free the Palestinians and don't support Ajax by buying season tickets (JODEN JODEN)
Oh I received the greatest email from anonymous over anger management and disfunctionality.
Still cant see the problem though. Is this not normal?
My lips do hurt when I read, how did you know that? My eyes also hurt a little.
Anyway Loved the insults but hoped for a little better than my in-laws can read this (Hello Coreens Family).
Have you explained to them mental illness runs in the family?
Topic for a new blog.
Groetjes en tot de volgende keer.
Love Rene

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